About us

Marinada d.o.o. is a company specialized in the production, purchase, storage, packaging and sale of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables.

By recognizing company and market, and with clear vision and strategy, Marinada is one of the leading regional fruit and vegetable companies, both fresh and processed.

By continuously investing in new technologies, education of employees and investing in production, packaging, sorting and storage capacities, the company ensures and constantly strengthens its market position.

Company introduces and implements in its management IFS – FOOD V6 standard as well as HALAL and KOSHER certification.

The headquarters of the company is in Slatina, where is located one of the most modern production plants for pasteurized fruits and vegetables in the region. Repurchase centers are located in Donji Miholjac, Lozan, Varaždin and Opuzen. The logistics-distribution center is in Zagreb.


The production plant located in Slatina is one of the most modern of this kind in the region. About 20 thousand different fruits and vegetables are processed per year. The products can be divided into three groups: sour, sweet and HoReCa program.


The repurchase center Donji Miholjac is specialized in receiving various fruits and vegetables, especially carrots. Surface area si 10 000 square meters and 9600 cubic meters of conditioned space.


Repurchase center Lozan, with 2200 square meters of surface and 1000cubic meters of conditioned space, is intended for various fruits and vegetables, with a special focus on pepper and tomatoes.


The repurchase center Opuzen is equipped for reception and preparation of various types of fruits and vegetables. Surface area is 11 000 square meters and 6000 cubic meters of conditioned space and is equipped with most modern tangerine caliber, capacity 35 tons per hour.


Repurchase center Varaždin deals with the organization of the production and purchase of tuberous, bulb and leafy vegetables. Annually buys about 12 thousand tons. Top products are onions, carrots, potatoes and vegetables for which there are all the necessary storage, packaging and production capacities.


The logistics distribution center in Zagreb/Sesvete consists of 4000 square meters of storage space, most of which are modern refrigerators for the manipulation of fruits and vegetables. The purpose of this center is to improve the logistics processes so far to ensure fast delivery and commissioning of good as a precondition for successful business operation in new and existing sales channels.